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1917 Born in china
  • Born in Shanghai. Ancestral roots originated from Zhejiang, Jiashan.
  • Huang Yao studied under his father Huang Hanzhong, a calligrapher, well versed in literature, calligraphy, painting and philosophy.
  • 1933 - 1937 Appointed as art editor-and-journalist of the "Shanghai News"
  • Picture of Niu Bi Zi.
  • Huang Yao together with Ding Cong, Huang Miaozi, Lu Shaofei, Ye Qianyu, Zhang Leping, Zhang Zhengyu and many other friends organized an exhibition. The First National Exhibition of Cartoon Art in 1936. This exhibition later traveled to Nanjing, Suzhou and Kangzhou.
  • During this period, he published several works of Niu Bi Zi : episode one, two, three, four and five as well as publications of Cifu Ji "Granting Happiness", Jia Shi Ji "If I were..." - part1 & 2.
  • He also created Niu Bi Zi shi jiang " The 10 lectures by Niu Bi Zi", as art teaching material which was used widely by many primary and secondary (high) schools in China.
  • Huang Yao + Zhang Le Ping jointly produced cartoons staring Nui Bi Zi & San Mao, the cartoon characters that these two cartoonists were famous for.
  • In the children's book 'Tian-Tian' written by Zhou Tian Lai, Huang Yao, Feng Zi Kai and Zhang Ying Chao jointly contributed to make it into a new type of book for young readers.
  • Sketches and photo of Huang Yao by himself, Wan Di Huan, Ye Qian Yu, Lu Shao Fei and Lu Zhi Yang.
  • 1937 - 1945 Beginning of his travels in parts of China
  • Huang Yao traveled to various parts of China such as Sichuan, Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunan, etc, provinces and produced many works, and had exhibitions in the major cities such as Chongqing, Chengdu, Hengyang, Guilin, Guiyang etc.
  • He established "The People's Publisher".
    Published works include :
    Hao JiangJun "A Good General"
    Hao Nan Ren "A Good man"
    Hao Zhuanyuan "A Good Professional"
    Yazhou Zai ManHua Zhong "Cartoonistic version of Asia"
    Ouzhou Zai ManHua Zhong "Cartoonistic version of Europe"
    Kangzhen Menshen Tu "The Millitary Door God" (found in the book "Art and Aesthetics in Chinese Popular Prints: Selections from the Muban Foundation (2002), by Ellen Johnston Laing.)
    Kangzhan Zhongkui tu "Zhongkui  in the war"
    Yi Ge Zhongguo Bing "One Chinese Soldier"
    Zhanqu Xiaofang "A visit to the Battlefield"
    ManHua Guiyang "Guiyang Cartoon"
    Zhanzheng Zhong De Zhongguo Ren "A Chinese during the war years"
    ManHua Chongqing "Chongqing Cartoon"
    ManHua Guilin "Guilin Cartoon"
    Miao Qu Xiao Fang "Visit to Miao Qu"
  • He also produced Baishou Tu "Painting of the 100 gods of longevity" and reprinted "Niu Bi Zi"
  • Photo in Chongqing -Lu Zhi Yang, Wang Le Tian, Liao Mo Lin, Huang Yao, Zhang Guang Yu, Ding Cong and Gao Long Sheng.
  • 1945 - 1946 Resided in Vietnam
    1947 Huang Yao held an exhibition in Kunming. His works exhibited
    include :

    Manhua Kunming "Kunming Cartoon"
    Maodun Ji "An Account of Contradiction"
    Yuenan Fengguang "Scenes of Vietnam"
    1947 - 1951

    Resided in Hong Kong and produced the following works :

  • Held an exhibition in China's Guangzhou's Zhong Shan library in 1947.
  • Other works include :
    Niu Bi Zi's Tu BaoZi
    Shehui ManHua "Society - in cartoonistic forms"
    Haizi De Hua "Words from children"
  • 1951 - 1956 Activities while he living in Thailand :
  • 28 June - 4 July, 1956
    "Niu Bi Zi Educational Cartoon Exhibition"
    Solo cartoon, calligraphy and painting exhibition at The British Council, Singapore. The exhibition was organized by the Chinese Cultural Organization, and opened by the Minister of Education. He demonstrated his unique calligraphic writing style, Chuyun Shu "Upside Down Writing".
  • 8 August – 10 August, 1956
    "Niu Bi Zi Educational Cartoon Exhibition"
    Solo cartoon, calligraphy and painting exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, organized by the Association of Chinese Teachers, and opened by the Minister of Education. He demonstrated his unique calligraphic writing styles, Chuyun Shu "Upside Down Writing".
  • Produced the following works during this period:
    Jiaozi ji "Child's Teachings"
    Qiao Xing Xian Sheng "The Lucky Man"
    Niu Bi Zi "Niu Bi Zi"
    Xianlou fengguang "Scenes of Thailand"
    Sumiao Xianluo "Sketches of Thailand"
    Erxi tu "Painting of Children at Play"
  • After 1956 Huang Yao settled down permanently in Malaysia
  • 8 - 14 August, 1957
    Together with Shen Xuebin, Zeng Fuyong, Wu Ziseng, Yi Junzhuo, Wang Shishao, Zhao Jietang, Zeng Houxi, Yu Dayong and Lin Qianshi held a "A group exhibition by ten friends" in Hong Kong.
  • 28 August - 15 September, 1957
    Held an exhibition, "Niu Bi Zi Educational Cartoon Exhibition" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • 1957 - 1973
    Began his concerted effort in studying the origin of Chinese characters and compiled a book called Xizi jianshou "A Brief Analysis of Words".
    He also published in Malay and Chinese, Jiaozi ji, Qiaoxing xiansheng, Niu Bi Zi ba jiang.
    Other publications/works included:
    Xiaoxue shiyong meishu bu "Art Educational Book for Primary School"
    Kantu zhouwen "Picture compositions", for all levels of primary-school.
    Jiaoyu manhua "Educational cartoon series for educational purposes", 10 booklets
    Shiyong manhua "Practical Guide of Cartoon"
    His educational cartoon under the name "Niu Bi Zi" was published daily by China Daily.
  • 1959 - 1961
    He was the education master of Penang's Han Jiang Secondary School.
  • 1962 - 1973
    He was also the principal for Alor Star's Xin Min Secondary School.
  • 1967
    Published Xingma huaren zi "The History of Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore" after 10 years of research works.
  • End 1973 Retired
    1974 - 1978 Moved to Penang, Malaysia
    Produced "Erxi tu" and "Chun Xia Qiu Dong" series of hand scrolls.
    Produced Wenzi Hua, Ziyou Hua, and painted "Eve and Adam".
    1975 Held a solo exhibition in Singapore's SanJiang GongHui
    "Association of SanJiang"
    1978 Settled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Participated in the Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition held in
    Hong Kong's Art Center

  • 19 - 24 February, 1980
    Participated in a three friends’ exhibition held by Taiwan's Museum, "San You Shu Hua Zan"
  • 1980 - 1981
    Accepted a series of interviews, "Dong Fang Yi Shu Jian Shou" on Malaysia Television.
    Minzu "Folklore"
    Guonian "New Year"
    Ji Nian "Year of Rooster"
    Hui Hua "Painting"
    Shu fa "Calligraphy"
    Wenzi Xue "Etymology"
  • 1981 Held a solo exhibition in Singapore's SanJiang GongHui
    "Association of SanJiang"
    Solo exhibition in Moravian College, Pennsylvania, USA
    1981 - 1982

    Published "Wangshi and Old Friend" in Zhuanji Wenxue, Taiwan.
    It was a series of articles about the people Huang Yao met in Shanghai and other parts of
    China, as well as in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • 17 January - 3 February, 1981
    Held a solo exhibition, "Folklore, Calligraphy and Art" in Art House Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • 11 - 21 March, 1981
    Participated in the "Calligraphy & Painting by Malaysian Chinese" exhibition organized by Nanyang Shangbao.
  • 1980s Produced the following unpublished works:
    Basic of Tang painting.
    Basic of Calligraphy
    Teng "Cane"
    Basic of Cartoon
    History of Nanyang Chinese Merchants
  • Participated in International Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting exhibitions held in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Solo or joint exhibitions in Malaysia organized by associations or institutions for charitable purposes.
  • 1982 - 1983 Moyuan Suibi was published in Nanyang Shangbao.
    Huang Yao had his own column in the Nanyang Shangbao where he wrote about the techniques, appreciation of Chinese art and influential artists in calligraphy and painting, as well as about Chinese philosophy and culture.
    1987 Passed away in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Dec1988 Huang Yao Retrospective, organized by Malaysian Institute of Art
    1989 Huang Yao in 'Dictionary of Chinese Art' (pg271) published in Taiwan.
    Dec 2000 Exhibition "Huang Yao's Calligraphy and Painting"
    held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Publication of the book Moyuan Suibi, a collection of articles by Huang Yao on calligraphy, painting and Chinese culture. It also includes articles written by others on Huang Yao.
    June 2001 The Manuscript and Pictorial Exhibition
    on Chinese Authors in Early Singapore
    July 2001 Exhibition held at Singapore Art Museum, "Huang Yao
    Dec 2001 Nokia Art Singapore 2002
    2002 "The Military Door God" found in the book "Art and Aesthetics in Chinese Popular Prints: Selections from the Muban Foundation" (2002), by Ellen Johnston Laing.
    2003 Republishing of "Maxing Huaren Zi" (The History of the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore)
    Aug 2003 Third International Convention of Asian Scholars