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Only a sample of Huang Yao's wenzi hua have been selected to be included here. Due to many constraints especially that of expertise, many paintings that may be of interest to the experts in Chinese calligraphy, ancient Chinese characters and wenzi hua may have been left out. Since this is the first time these paintings are shown to the public, we welcome with thanks any comments or criticisms to improve this site.

Huang Yao's wenzi hua are sorted into six categories.The first three are calligraphic in nature, they are the writing of ancient Chinese characters in different scripts. The pieces of work in the first category look very much like traditional calligraphy, that is, they are all writings of Chinese characters with Chinese brush and ink. However on closer examination, it can be seen that the style and composition used to write the content of each piece of work was specially chosen to express the feeling or meaning of the title. In the next category, small figures were added to completed works like those in the previous category, to further express the feeling or meaning in the title. In one of the pieces of work PingDiYiShengLei a complete painting was painted first and the calligraphy of the title was added later. In the third category, colors were used innovatively to write or highlight the calligraphy.

As in the previous three categories, all the characters in the title are also contained in each of the painting in the fourth category. But instead of writing the radical for 'person' in the character, Huang Yao substituted it with the painting of a sideview of a person expressing the feeling contained in the title. Similarly, if the character is that of an animal or bird he substituted that character with a picture. The paintings in the last two categories look very much like painting rather than calligraphy. In the fifth category, Huang Yao chose the appropriate pictograph or picture to express the the meaning or the concept in the title of the painting. The last category has all the paintings that cannot be included in the earlier ones.

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