Chinese-Character painting
........ Making use of the most beautiful structure of the ancient Chinese characters, incorporating primitive art design and symbols, to write poems or phrases, and paint in an innovative style.
Huang Yao
........ Most of Huang Yao's Wenzi Hua also illustrated the evolvement of Chinese calligraphy and its characters, spanning the Oracle-Bone Inscriptions, Bronze Scripts to the five basic types of Chinese Calligraphy -zhuan, li, cao, kai and xing. Huang Yao's prodigious exploration in this area as touched the histories of the relationship between visual art and the written word - a global discourse that has affected philosophies, symbolism and languages, all of which continue to negotiate the boundaries of physical emblems and their meaning and significance today.

Art historian Wang Nanming in his essay, "Huang Yao : From tuhua wenzi 'Pictorial Calligraphy' to Wenzi Hua 'Calligraphic Painting', discusses the significance of Huang Yao in the history of 20th century Chinese calligraphy. Huang Yao's calligraphic painting predates modern calligraphy in mainland China. Living in Southeast Asia, Huang Yao was able to draw references from modern Japanese calligraphy and Western modern art, to develop his Wenzi Hua, which in turn provided new insights into the Chinese dictum of shuhua tongyuan, that writing and painting em from the same root.

The museum has further invited Dr Chew Kim Liong, a professor of art at the National Institute of Education, discuss the development of 20th century Chinese calligraphy. Dr Chew Kim Liong in his essay, "Transcending Limits : A Centenary Journey from Traditional Chinese Calligraphy to New Calligraphic Art", traces the historical trajectory leading to the new calligraphic art of the late 20th century when we witness calligraphy manifested in installation and performance art. Again, in this centenary overview, Huang Yao's pioneering work in creative calligraphy in the decades following the mid-20th century have been very significant Huang Yao's unique creation of Wenzi Hua will continue to be an important topic in 20th century art research.

Kwok Kian Chow, Director of Singapore Art Museum in 'Huang Yao Retrospective',2001

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