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Learning about My Grandfather – Huang Yao
(1917-1987), the Cartoonist

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Huang Yao - An Unusual Calligrapher
A newsletter writeup on the acquisition by the British Museum

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Public : Action Jijin Berhad (Action Foundation)
30, Jalan Segambut Pusat, Segambut, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
TEL:(603)6251 2322
FAX:(603)6252 7322

Federation of Huang Association of Malaysia
No.44B, Jalan Chow Kit,
50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
TEL/FAX : (603)4042 3106
Design : ShiMeiXing (Second Edition)
Printing : Percetakan Advanco Sdn Bhd
19,21,23, Jalan Segambut Selatan,
51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
TEL: (603) 6257 0699
FAX: (603) 6257 0761
Date of Public : First Edition: 1967 Ming Chien (Hong Kong)
Second Edition:2003 (Action Jijin Berhad (Action Foundation) & Federation of Huang Association of Malaysia)
Price : Special Packaging RM80.00
Normal Packaging RM50.00
Cod : ISBN 983-99120-2-X

This catalogue is published in connection with the exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum of Huang Yao's diversified artistic practices, ranging from calligraphy to traditional landscapes. Huang was a leading cartoonist in China before moving to Malaysia. He was educated in Chinese classics, literature, calligraphy and painting.
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In 1967, Huang Yao published Xing Ma Huaren Zhi (The History of the Chinese in Singapore & malaysia), a research project that took him 10 years to complete. The publication took a historical and sociological perspective in documenting and studying the migrant Chinese in the Nanyang region. It also included studies on the indigenous people and their way of life, customs and traditions.


Huang Yao
Public Company
: Ming Chien (Hong Kong)
First Edition
: 1967

Between 1982 and 1983, Huang Yao wrote a series of 62 articles, published weekly under the column Moyuan Suibi in the Chinese language newspaper, Nanyang Shangbao. Each of these articles had a picture of one of Huang Yao's paintings. He then wrote something relating to the chosen painting which could be on Chinese painting, calligraphy, the important artists in the Chinese art history, how he created his paintings including his wenzi hua, or about Chinese culture. It was likely that this series came about because Huang Yao had a stroke in April 1981 and felt the need to explain the wide range of subjects he painted.


Huang Yao
Editing Committee :
: Chen Kin Tak, Li Kuan Cai, Sia Jen Zi
: Fan Chin Song, Chin A Cai, Chong Jin Yun
Execution Editing
: Fan Chin Song
: Chin Bau Wen
Public Company
: Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Printing House
: Percetakan Advanco Sdn. Bhd.
First Edition : 21 December 2000
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These 2 books contain the Niu Bi Zi cartoons Huang Yao did in Shanghai from the years 1934 -1937, he was only 17 years old in 1934. Huang Yao and his Niu Bi Zi were very popular in China in the 1930s and 1940s but they were almost forgotten now as Huang Yao had left the China after the Second World War. It was through the suggestion and assistance of Wei Shao Chang, a renowned scholar and historian in China that Shan Dong Huabao Publishing House had republished this early set of cartoons. It was done so that Huang Yao's outstanding work will not be lost to the future generation and also because of the conviction that true art is timeless.
Book name


Niu Bi Zi book1
Niu Bi Zi book2
. Huang Yao
Public Company
: SanTon HuaBau Chubanshe.
: Sinwa Book Shop
Public Company
: SanTon Sinwa
First Edition
: August 1999
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Niu Bi Zi no1

Niu Bi Zi no2

"Dong Fang Yi Shu Jian Shou" interview by RTM Malaysia, 1980.
1.Chinese painting
2.Chinese calligraphy
3.Chinese palaeography
4.Cultural history
5.Chinese new year
6.Year of the rooster
"Old Time and Old Friend"
- in Taiwan magazine Zhuanji Wenxue. It was a series of 11 articles published between 1981 and 1982 about Huang Yao's experience and people he had known and met in his travels through China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
"Moyuan Suibi" in Nanyang Shangbao, Malaysia.
"Jiaoyu manhua" Educational cartoon series for educational purposes, 10 booklets
"Shiyong manhua" Practical Guide of Cartoon.

"Shiyong Huagao"---- Practical Guide of Painting (1950s)
History of Nanyang Chinese Merchants (late 1970s)
"Teng"---- Cane ( early1980s)
"Tanghua Rumen"---- Basic Chinese Painting (early 1980s)
"Shufa Rumen"---- Basic Chinese Calligraphy (early 1980s)
"Jian Shang Xue"---- Appreciation of Chinese Paintings (early 1980s)
"Xiji jianshou"---- An Analysis of Chinese Character (late 1960s-early1970s)
"Shuowen Shiyi"---- A Brief Analysis ofChinese characters (1973-1974)

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"Cong Chun Yishu Tuibian Chulai de Qianghan"---- The Strong Man of the Fine Arts (Guanghua Ribao,1960)
"Manhua Xinyu"---- Remarks on Cartoon (Guanghua Ribao,1961)
"Manhua-Ting Niubizi Xiansheng Tan"---- Cartoon-Listen to Mr Niubizi's views (Xinmin Bibao,1979)
"Manhua Xintan"---- Comments on Cartoon (completed manuscript, 1970s)
"Manhua Rumen"---- Basic Cartoon (incomplete manuscript, early 1980s)